Posted by: Nanook | January 28, 2010

Here We Go

I’m a recovering yankee attorney who is following his wife as she begins her “dream job” in Arkansas.  Neither of us has ever lived south of the Mason-Dixon, but we’re young, childless, and we’re not homeowners–it is, people say, the perfect time to pack up stakes and skedaddle.

Of course, people are generally morons and say anything just to get you to leave, don’t they?

So here I am, about to be dropped headfirst into the South. And I don’t even play the banjo.




  1. You suck, PODS.

    BTW: Be careful coming down. We got ice round these parts, and it’s fairly hairy up in North Arkansas, I understand.


    • Be careful as David said. North Arkansas roads are crooked and steep lots of times.
      Welcome to the South! I hope you love it!
      Your blog about the PODS was great. Those things are ugly, anyway.

      • Thanks to all–it was hairy. Hairy and unkempt, and matted, like a revival of a 70’s rock-opera.

        But we made it alright.

        I’m not sure if that “Hair” reference/joke works, but I am way too tired to force it. So just assume I said something awesome there instead.

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