Posted by: Nanook | January 30, 2010

15 Hours of This?

Are you kidding me? We leave Minnesota and the frozen tundra–a place that regularly gets so cold during its 6 months of winter that you can literally throw boiling water into the air and watch it evaporate in a puff of smoke–and drive due south for 15 hours, only to find…more friggen snow?

I mean, seriously. All through Iowa–which, as a State, leaves a lot to be desired as it is–our view was of snowy fields.

This is why people think Iowa sucks.

Imagine how excited we were, then, when we left Iowa in our [snow-packed] dust and entered beautiful, sunny Missouri.

Imagine the street value of this field!

But surely this can’t go all the way into Arkansas, can it?

Nanook calls bullshit on these photos!



  1. You know, Iowa is where Laura Burney (Julia Roberts’ character in Sleeping with the Enemy) flees to safety. Maybe you’re underestimating its restorative powers.

  2. Restorative? Man, I had that movie all wrong–I was really rooting for the husband.

  3. This sounds like the start of a good book.

  4. But did you stop at the Precious Moments museum? I looked that up on the interwebs, and my lord, it was horrifying. Definitely worth a stop.

    • Oh man, I wanted to stop–but Anne was driving lead, and she took a different route. No precious moments museum for us. Its absence made me doubt the existence of God.

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