Posted by: Nanook | January 30, 2010

My wife is a rock-star

This was not the most organized move in the world. In fact, I think failed Ugandan military coups have gone more smoothly.

That said, my lovely and vivacious wife metaphorically beat the snot out of this move. Calm and collected under pressure, she made the best of increasingly awful situations and survived a two-day, ice-driving ordeal.

I can’t help but think that lesser women would have ended up like this:

Instead, my wife–as cool as the underside of a pillow–was like this:

except, you know, without the hat.



  1. Actually, I think she’d look pretty good in the hat. (I would suggest it over the bouffant southern style hair that some of her friends are suggesting she adopt now that she’s in the South)

  2. I’m trying really hard to get her to adopt that look. I’m also pressuring her into learning to make me pies and grits.

    Ideally, everything in life would comport to stereotypes. It’d be so much easier.

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