Posted by: Nanook | February 4, 2010

Arkansas Prep

If you’re like many people, you are probably asking yourself what kind of preparation we did for our move. After all, you’re probably thinking, Arkansas is basically a different country. You’re also probably wondering how I can be so light and graceful during my interpretive dance routine.


The truth is that there are many amazing resources available to teach us about life in Arkansas. We first found a book–a beautiful and compelling book–that taught us all about being a working professional in the South.

Shown: non-fiction account of being a lawyer

The second thing we happened upon was a documentary that showcased life in a southern town. This documentary was very enjoyable, although a bit dark.

A look at the wacky side of Southern living.

So between learning about lawyer Tom Cruise involved with the mafia and mildly handicapped guys eating potaters and killing Dwight Yoakam, we came away with what we believe is an accurate image of life in Arkansas.

Don't forget gay John Ritter!

So please, don’t insult us by sitting there and implying that we were unprepared for our move to Arkansas. We were as prepared as we could be.



  1. You forgot The Client, True Grit and Biloxi Blues!

  2. Also….I believe you mean “french fried potaters.”

  3. The South may be a bit more complex than what you have outlined here, but I think it is a very good start for someone who has lived here less than a week!

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