Posted by: Nanook | February 7, 2010

Springtime in February

It’s the beginning of February, and I’m lounging around in over 40 degree temperatures. According to this morning’s weather report, they were expecting over two feet of snow in Minneapolis. Two feet!


I’m sitting here in the sun, with the windows open, and I’m thinking about how, if it were this warm in the Twin Cities right now, people would be out basking in the spring-like temperatures.

I wonder if that’s something I’ll miss–that first taste of spring that comes to Minnesota in late April, when suddenly, after 5 months of freezing winter, the sun warms land up to a balmy 45 degrees, and people put on sweatshirts and shorts and go jogging around the lakes.

In retrospect, this seems like a really stupid idea.

It was always a wonderful feeling, being outside after being cooped up for half the year. It’s probably not easy to understand if you don’t live in a climate that prohibits you from leaving your house from late November to April.

But as I’m typing this, I realize that first day of spring–that April-Thaw, as it were–is not special enough to compensate for the 6 months of cruel winter.

Screw you, Minnesota.

Angry Snowman Hates Minnesota


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