Posted by: Nanook | February 12, 2010

New grocery store smell

It is such a strange sensation when you move and have to start shopping at a new grocery store. Things are similar, but so different–the raisins are in the wrong aisle, for example, or the tomato paste isn’t where it’s supposed to be. Things are in English, but it all seems slightly foreign. It’s like spending time with your grocery store’s mentally challenged cousin.

or visiting Canada

But this new grocery store is trying, bless its heart. It offers new and exciting food-type products to the wary consumer, such as meat-in-a-jar.

Nanook says 'Mmmmm, tastes like poverty!'

Perhaps the most touching thing was the Valentine’s Day tables the store had arranged. As you can see from the photo, this grocery store is Valentine’s headquarters. As you can see from the photo next to it, this grocery store is under the impression that nothing says “I love you” like a gift basket filled with beef jerky and warm Budweiser.

Put on a Barry White CD and prepare to get sexy.



  1. I don’t know about you, but whenever I see beef jerky and Budweiser, I think “I really you.”

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