Posted by: Nanook | February 26, 2010

Ice Castles

Ah Minnesota. How I miss you, and your eight months of abominable winter, not at all.

Recently, I wrote about seeing a strange sight in the south. In the interest of fairness, I should point out that you see just as bizarre things in the north.

In Minnesota, most agree that February is the worst month. It’s dark and bleak, and bitterly, bitterly cold (the average temperature in February hovers in the mid 20’s) The shortest month becomes interminable, as people struggle to claw their way to spring. Of course, the joke’s on them, as March brings its own set of problems to the frozen north–the third month of the year is Minnesota’s snowiest.

Those long winters make people go a little stir-crazy. Thankfully, Minnesotans are hearty, and have invented creative ways to deal with the frigid boredom.

Like curling!

'I wish I was drunk.'

And drinking!

I wish I was curling!

And blowing play-off games!

'I wish I was drunk. And curling.'

It’s only natural that you would yearn to get outdoors. And it’s only natural that you would be awed by Mother Nature’s winter splendor. And, in Minnesota, it’s only natural that you would construct a five-story ice castle by spraying well-water over a frame in your backyard.

What’s sad is that the article quotes the homeowner as stating that this ice-castle gives him a reason to live in Minnesota.

'I hate my life.'

This guy built an ice castle in his back yard that was five stories tall. To compare, it was in the high 40’s here the other day, and people were complaining because apparently this winter is just lasting too darn long.



  1. Wow…I kinda want to build an ice castle in my backyard. But…I don’t want to live in Minnesota. What to do?

  2. […] as I’ve mentioned before, the long, cold, dark winters of Minnesota sometimes cause people to do crazy things. And one […]

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