Posted by: Nanook | March 4, 2010

Lawn Ornaments

It is with deep sorrow and infinite sadness that I must report that future generations of Little Rockers will grow up without one of the integral pieces that is the jigsaw puzzle of southern pride.

In yet another example of the neo-socialist big-government regime bent on aborting our rights, citizens of the capital city who wish to park their automobiles on their front lawns will now face a $1000 fine.

When the President's a Democrat, say goodbye to your front-yard Eden.

Thankfully, the overreaching arm of Government has yet to infringe upon other property rights. Some things must remain sacred.

like planters made from toilets!



  1. You can take our cars on blocks but by god, the lawn jocket is sacred!.

    And I demand the right to display my toilets, washtubs or sofa for additional color and romance.

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