Posted by: Nanook | March 15, 2010

A walk in the woods

Arkansas is often called “The Natural State,” which I assumed meant that women didn’t shave their legs. (I’m busy and don’t have time to do any actual “research”).

Shown: NOT the Arkansas state motto

Shockingly, that’s incorrect (although to avoid confusion, they may want to specify that on their literature).

Actually, I’m learning that Arkansas is a naturally beautiful state. The other day, I took my sister’s dogs to a place called Pinnacle Mountain State Park, where we hiked about 3 miles around the base of the hill (Although a nice size, I refuse to call it a mountain. After all, I once hiked up Mt. Fuji, and THAT, Mr. Vice President, is no Mt. Fuji).

People who live in the South cannot imagine the simply joy that exists just by being able to be outside on a sunny day in the middle of March. March in the Twin Cities just means that there’s about 2 more months of winter. Which is probably why most murder/suicides happen in March. (again, no research).

But here, I am able to take my sister’s most-loved possessions–her children, really–and take them on a glorious hike through a beautiful land.

They both rolled in dead armadillo. Also, later on the yellow lab vomited bark and acorns. So, you know, I must be a REALLY good dog-sitter.



  1. HEY!

  2. At least he didn’t vomit dead armadillo.

  3. Was any amarillo poop involved?

  4. Mom—they weren’t in Texas! 😉

  5. I’d say I’m jealous of the weather but we had a record high of 64 degrees yesterday and mid-50s today. Guess MN is rebelling against your defection.

  6. […] have actually been to Pinnacle Mountain State Park. I once took my sister’s dogs there. It was nice, but I saw no sign of any upcoming Herps festival. And believe me, I KNOW what to look […]

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