Posted by: Nanook | March 22, 2010

The Arkansas food pyramid

My sister recently went out for lunch with a group of her co-workers. They went to a celebrated barbecue place (apparently, down here all barbecue places are celebrated). Foolishly, my sister asked was interested in vegetables, and asked the waitress what the vegetable of the day was.

And the answer? Why, the vegetable of the day was Mac and Cheese, of course.

pictured: a healthy lifestyle

I for one can get behind this way of thinking. It’s high time that mac and cheese be given the respect and consideration it deserves, and be allowed to take its rightful place in the halls of cuisine next to broccoli and okra. Mac and cheese SHOULD be considered a vegetable as opposed to a side (or, god forbid, the main course), and here’s why: Sides are optional. Vegetables are required.

God bless the South.

The Southern Food Pyramid



  1. Pie and Dr. Pepper are two of my favorite things. It was hard traveling in the UK over the summer where DP couldn’t be had, but, strangely, I have also found it difficult to find in TN.

    I can do both for breakfast!

    (I promise I am not a creeper…my husband found this on your sister’s facebook, and we’ve been following you. Well, your blog.)

  2. I think I can say, without fear of contradiction, that Dr. Pepper is the single greatest thing to ever come out of Waco, Texas.

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