Posted by: Nanook | March 23, 2010

The continuing adventures of Finn McCool

Someday we’ll look back and laugh about it, but the events of last night are still too raw and distressing.

My sister called us to dinner at 7:00. At the time, Finn (our self-destructive black cat) was sitting contentedly against the screen of the open bedroom window, dozing softly in the dusk. An hour and a half later, my lovely and vivacious wife entered the bedroom and found the remnants of what could only be described as an impromptu and poorly planned prison-break.

Just like this, only it was dark outside. And the entire screen was off the window.

No screen. No cat. Which means that sometime while the family had gathered around the dining room table, Finn managed to lift the screen up and over the window’s protective lip and steal off into the night.

'Smell ya' later, bitches!'

You can imagine our distress.

Like most cats, Finn is relatively stupid. He is best known for electrocuting himself by chewing on a lamp cord. Whereas a dog might learn that chewing on electrical cords is less than healthy, a few days later Finn was back at the socket, chewing like the cord was filled with tuna.

'By harnessing the lamp's power, I will finally be able to murder people with my mind-bullets!'

So I can only imagine his behavior once the screen fell off the window. It probably took him all of .09 unthinking seconds before he lept out into the great dark unknown of the neighborhood.

'Freedom! Beautiful, terrifying freedom!'

I kid, but there were about 15 terror filled minutes where the entire house went to Def-Con 4 as we poured outside with flashlights to hunt the cat down. I finally, thankfully, found the poor guy about 30 yards away from the window, pressed up against a fence and scared out of his mind. We got him back into the house with minimum damage (although he did shred a good portion of my left arm.)

Full of love, Finn welcomed me with open arms.

And because he is Finn McCool, and because he may in fact suffer some residual damage from the electro-shock therapy, he immediately went back to the window and attempted to escape again.

'And I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you pesky kids!'

*and before you ask–no, these aren’t actual photos of Finn, but they all look a heckuva lot like him. Here is the real Finn. (Note the tongue).



  1. O Lord what a little stinker. I’m very glad you found him.

  2. I am very relieved Finn is okay too. That was scary.

  3. I can’t help but think there is a sequel to Where’s Sammy in this somewhere.

  4. I loved the story! Glad it had a good ending…don’t like bad endings.

  5. lol! i’m dyin!

  6. We have a black Finn McCool too! Self destructive…loves chewing on lamp cords and swallowing ribbon…fortunately he’s terrified of open windows.

    Glad you got him back.

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