Posted by: Nanook | March 31, 2010

She was later taken to a different hospital, where her condition was upgraded to “alive.”

Local EMTs have now joined the growing list of people I don’t want called in the case of an emergency.

Also on that list? Veteran character-actor Brian Dennehy. He knows why.

Not once, but twice local paramedics determined a woman was dead, when in fact, in the purely medical and scientific sense of the word, she was not.

Paramedics found the woman in her backyard, and after examining her pronounced her dead on the scene. But a detective called out to the scene disagreed, and another paramedic crew was called.

' 'Dead' is such a subjective idea!'

Now, it would seem like at this point most people would err on the side of “since we’re not sure she’s dead, perhaps we should rush her to the hospital” instead of “well, I’m calling my friends to see what they think.” But the second crew arrived and also determined that the woman was dead.

And then coroner was then called to the scene, and noticed that the woman was in fact breathing

Before the coroner arrived, there was simply no way for them to know the patient was still alive.

And so yet another paramedic crew was called out, and the woman was taken (finally) to the hospital. Which begs the question: what were the first two paramedic crews doing that they couldn’t drive the woman to the hospital?

'Great job today everyone. Group hugs all around!'

When questioned about this incident, the local coroners’ office expressed confusion, and with amazing understatement pointed out that “the system has worked in the past.”



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