Posted by: Nanook | April 21, 2010

Fat Nerd

The awesome thing about this site is that it allows you to see what search terms people used to find you, as well as the search engine used.

Here’s what I don’t understand: Apparently, the other day one of you bastards went to google and searched for the term “fat nerd” in order to find me. I have to be honest…that stings a little bit.

I prefer the term 'husky nerd', thank you very much.



  1. How about “stout”? I always appreciated that one when I was little.

  2. […] already talked about how I am able to view the search terms people use to find Nanook online. As I mentioned at the time, I was a little insulted by what I […]

  3. You seriously look A LOT like my brother! It’s pretty uncanny. Where are you from??

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