Posted by: Nanook | May 13, 2010

Adopt a Shelter Dog (or you suck)

I’m going to be that kind of new parent. The kind that thinks their child is the greatest, and all others are disgusting half-breed lice-infested punks.

you gotta kiss the baby!

Having said that, there is no denying that my new dog is pretty awesome. Her name is Annabelle, and she’s a Wheaton terrier. And she is beautiful. And your dog sucks.

Seriously. Your dog sucks.

We got her from C.A.R.E., a local shelter. She’s 6, and the shelter thinks it was a hard six years. So she’s not a puppy, but six year old dogs need love and safe homes too.

She’s been in and out of foster care a couple of times, her teeth are worn down, and she suffers from severe separation anxiety.

Also, our cat has started to walk up to her and randomly punch her in the face. It’s like we are living out our very own version of “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”

Ike Turner cat says bitch better have his money!

She doesn’t know it yet, but aside from the unprovoked cat abuse (which we all suffer from) Annabelle has just stumbled into the life of Riley. We’re planning on spoiling her rotten. We may not have been there for her first six years, but we’re going to make up for it from now on. After all, she deserves it.

Will Wheaton Terrier, star of “Stand By Me” and “Star Trek”, wishes this post was about him.



  1. I don’t know, my dog is pretty awesome. But, yes I feel the white person guilt of buying him from a breeder and not adopting a shelter dog.

  2. My dog does not suck. However, I am willing to admit taht Anabelle is awesome. Also that Will Wheaton can’t hold a candle to her.

  3. My dogs are awesome. Frodo is #1 all other dogs are 2 and lower. 😉
    Welcome to the family Annabelle!

  4. Well, Bailey is more awesomer than every other dog, but is sure that Annabelle, Frodo and Jack are close behind her.

  5. After getting Jack, I don’t think we’ll ever go breeder again. Rescue dogs are Awesome.

  6. As the owner of two rescue dogs myself…I applaud you and your post. Well done!

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