Posted by: Nanook | June 8, 2010

Celebrity Spotting

Pull aside any American and put this simple question to them: What is the one thing that Arkansas is known for? Unwaveringly, the people will unanimously call out one thing–Celebrity Spotting.

that too

It really should come as a surprise to no one that Little Rock is a hot-spot of social activity, and every night the streets of downtown become a veritable who’s-who of celebrities trotting down the faded red carpet strewn with cigarette butts, slim-jim wrappers and empty Pabst cans.

Just the other night, I was able to catch a small glimpse of the glamor when I attended the opening night party for the Little Rock Film Festival. Held at a beautiful old mansion (ie: plantation), the gala featured free wine, beer, lemonade and sweet tea, and hosted several notables from the world of cinema. Of course, I was most excited when I found myself standing next to none other than Joey Lauren Adams. Ms. Adams is best known for her role in “Chasing Amy”, but if you happen to be a white male between the ages of 28 and 35, you probably remember her best as Kevin Smith’s girlfriend that he cast in his film “Mall Rats”.

The academy has yet to recognize her awesome talents.

Also on hand for the festivities–none other than Oscar-winner Ray McKinnon.

Don't act like you're not impressed

A couple of days later, I was attending a function at the Governor’s Mansion (ie: plantation), hobnobbing with the upper crust as we drank free wine, beer, lemonade and sweet tea. In addition to Governor Beebe (who, although I assume reads this blog religiously, made no reference to his recent inclusion), I was able to nob hobs with the lovely and talented Sara Slokum–Ms. Arkansas herself.

Ms. Arkansas looked a lot better on television

But of all the celebrity-spottings that have occurred while I’ve been here, the most awesomely random is the one I read about the other morning. Apparently, actor/comedian/singer Jamie “Triple-Threat” Foxx was spotted the other night in Rogers, Arkansas.

At a Wal-Mart.

Hey, Jamie Foxx has needs and desires, just like the rest of us.




  1. LOVE.

  2. I so cannot believe you called the Governor’s Mansion a “Plantation”.

  3. […] weekend, my lovely and vivacious wife, along with my sister and her husband, attended a gala at ye olde governor’s mansion. And if you don’t believe that someone like me would ever […]

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