Posted by: Nanook | June 12, 2010

Adventures at the Farmers’ Market

Nanook spends his Saturdays at the farmers’ market. It’s just one of the wonderfully interesting things about him. And today, while hanging out with the hippies selling their organic fruits and veggies and homemade hats, I encountered this:

seeing this made me feel eye-raped.

What’s crazy is I have that exact same shirt. I’m glad I didn’t wear it today–that would have been embarrassing.

Also seen at today’s farmers’ market? A guy walking around with five large snakes wrapped around his neck and shoulders. Because why not?

Seriously, it was, like, 100 degrees today. Who goes the farmers’ market draped in snakes?

Gary Busey says 'Buy Organic! Or I'll Eat Your Soul!'



  1. A Saturday nanook? I did not see that coming. Glad you can gather material on your Saturday excursions.

  2. um. my dad had that same tattoo as gary busey. weird.

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