Posted by: Nanook | October 26, 2010

A reasonable man

I’m not a complainer. Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll gleefully reply that Nanook is an eternal optimist, even-tempered and good natured with the milk of human kindness by the quart in every vein. A patient man am I, down to my finger-tips. A man who never could, never would, let an insulting remark escape his lips.


I went all summer without complaining, even though this was apparently the hottest summer since the Civil War (and yes, it’s strange to live in a place that uses that as a benchmark), but seriously, this heat is getting ri-goddam-diculous. To the civilized world, October is the time of turning leaves and brisk weather, but in Little Rock, every day is an 80 degree suck-hole. What, oh what, could Arkansas have done to incur God’s wrath in such a way as to make every day seem like hell on earth?

What indeed?



  1. That’s the War of Northern Agression, Buddy.

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