Posted by: Nanook | December 14, 2010

Church and/or State

Alright folks, let’s play a little game that I just made up. We’ll call it: “Church or Government Building?”

It’s pretty easy. Some old friends help by showing you a photo of a building here in Little Rock, and you have to guess whether said building is a house of God or a seat of government.

Number 1

Angry Fozzie Bear says "what could it be?"

Give up? It’s a…

[drum roll]

Government Building!

Wacka-wacka, mutha-f**cka

Gosh, that was fun. Let’s try another one!

Number 2

Your answer will blow Gary Busey's mind

So, is it a church, or a government building? Or has the vision of Gary Busey so rattled you that you are unable to remember anything as you lose yourself in his insane eyes? Want the answer? Of course you do.

It’s a…

[drum roll]

Government Building!

Since you got it wrong, Gary Busey will now bite the head off this live baby.

Goodness gracious! Who knew this could be so much fun while still being educational? Okay, one more:

Number 3

Hitler Baby demands your answer SCHNELL!

I know you’re dying for the answer, so here it is:

It’s a…

[drum roll]


I vill crush you. Crush you like der SUDETENLAND!

Oh wow. That was good fun. Good, clean fun. And I think we all learned a little something. We’re going to have to do that again sometime.

The fat nerd can't believe he got passed over for Hitler Baby.



  1. My guesses were back view of strip mall, office at trailer park, and funeral home. I was pretty close!

    • Sadly, the office of the trailer park I grew up in was in much better shape than the Department of Education building. And it had an outdoor pool next to it!

      • The office of the trailer park I grew up in was in about the same shape as the Dept. of Ed. building. But it had a mini-store inside, where you could buy lottery tickets, milk, and laffy taffy.

  2. I think you need to show the church at the bottom with some cars and/or Godzilla in the foreground, just to give your non-Arkie readers some sense of the scale of that thing. It’s hummungous.

  3. Clearly our tax dollars are being wasted on luxury buildings and other frivolous stuff. End taxes, so I can give more money to Immanuel Baptist Church, which clearly spends its money only on charitable social causes!

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