Posted by: Nanook | February 14, 2011

The Classics

Anyone who knows me understands that I truly believe that the children are our future. We must treat them well, and let them lead the way. I also continue to believe that crack is whack.

Moralist Whitney Houston has still got it.

So it was with great sadness that I received the news that 71% of Arkansas students scored below the proficient level on the National Assessment of Education Progress reading test. Thankfully, things are changing, as I found out recently when I visited a local bookshop. There, I happened upon the following display, and I for one think it’s fantastic that people in Arkansas are starting to take such an interest in the classics.

Read on, you glorious Einsteins, read on.

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  1. Is Wikipedia a classic too?

  2. How about the graphic novel versions of classics?

  3. Maybe that’s why they think all classics are written by some guy named Cliff.

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