Posted by: Nanook | May 4, 2011

Eat This Book

Because my progeny spends most of his time sitting around in his own excrement, my lovely and vivacious wife and I have made the bold decision to bath him on a more regular basis. It just seemed like a good idea. And thankfully, the boy seems to love bath time.

Or at least, he loved it after he realised that I wasn't trying to drown him.

To make bath-time easier, he recently received a nice, puffy, water-proof book that he can look at as we dump water over his junk. It seems to soothe him, and he is learning a lot about feelings.

The section on "I Feel Happy" has blown his freakin' mind

But imagine my surprise when, upon finishing the tome, I flipped to the back cover and espied this bombshell:


Sure. NOW they tell me.


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